Shaping the future of healthcare – Trustees at RHN


The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) exists today as one of the oldest, independent charity hospitals in the UK. I am delighted to introduce myself as the new chairman of this exceptional organisation, which has now been caring for people with complex neuro-disability for over 150 years.

It is clear to see how dedicated the hospital’s community is to providing the best possible care for patients and residents, and providing support to their families. We have recently launched our new five year strategy, ‘The Path to Excellence’, which embodies the RHN’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. With recent successes like our gold standard award from Leaders in Safeguarding and our progress on the ANCC Pathway to Excellence programme, we already demonstrate we are capable of fantastic achievements.

As we look to the future, we are seeking new trustees to join us in our mission. We are looking for individuals who share our passion and dedication to providing exceptional care, innovative research, and shaping the future of care for those affected by complex brain injury and neurological conditions.

I invite you to join us on this journey, and I look forward to working with you to achieve excellence.

Jane McCormick Chairman

Jane McCormick